• Multi-layer blown film extruders with total production of 250 tons P/M.
  • 2 Layer Blown film extruders with total capacity of 200 tons P/M.
  • 8- colour Rotogravure printing machine with turn-bar, line speed of 250Mtr/min.
  • 8- Colour Rotogravure printing machine with line speed of 150Mtr/min.
  • Auto registration control (ARC) which give natural impression to your package by enhancing picture quality with high precision.
  • Defect Inspection machine with line speed of 600 Mtr/min.
  • 2 Solvent less Lamination machine with line speed of 375Mtr/min from Italy.
  • Solvent base lamination machine with line speed of 200 Mtr/min.
  • 8,6,4 colour Flexography Printing Machine.
  • Universal Slitting machine which can slit paper, low and heavy gauge laminated material with the speed of 600Mtr/min.
  • Pouching machine which can manufacture pouches as per requirement.