Top 5 reasons to choose stand-up pouch packaging

Businesses in the food industry often find it challenging to choose the right packaging option. It is also observed that there is a lack of awareness concerning effective packaging options, particularly about the stand-up pouches. This blog will aid you by explaining advantageous reasons for stand up pouch packaging and how you can use it to advantage for your brand and your product!

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Millennials and the Gen-Z population love the concept of multiple small meals rather than a stomach-filling meal. They have some crazy food cravings, and alternately they seek healthier versions of food. This makes snacking options more common among these people today. Urban lifestyle further encourages it because of its ease of consumption and carry-to-work option.

In this scenario, the packaging of your snacks and other food products must be more suitable to align with the needs of the modern-day youth. There is a multi-fold increase in snacking options among people today. The food industry can exploit this potential only with proper packaging options.

A standup pouch packaging will be more customer friendly. Several food and beverage sector industries are moving towards such packaging to encourage their sale and other possible benefits they get from this packaging. This type of packaging was initially more preferred in the western countries, but today it is also becoming famous in Asia and other regions of the world.

What is Stand up Pouch Packaging? A stand up pouch is a flexible packaging which can stand erect from beneath. It is a better option for proper display storage and use of the product.

The stand up packaging can be customised based on the needs of the customers as Stand Up zipper pouches, flexible packaging Stand up Pouch, customised Printed Stand Up Pouch, Stand Up Pouch Bag, etc.

Five Reasons To Choose Stand up Pouch Packaging.

With so many other packaging options available today, many food industry companies prefer stand up pouch packaging for the following reasons.

1.Increase In Shelf Time.

The flexible packaging stand up pouch increases the shelf life of the food products. It gives protection to the food products against light moisture and oxygen. It also enables the contents inside the package to stay fresh and aromatic for a longer duration. Be it a pack of coffee or a simple snack product, and it stays longer when kept inside this stand up pouch.

The product's flavour and texture are maintained at the right level, which enables the ready-to-use products to have more shelf life compared to the regular rigid packaging. The stand up zipper pouches maintain the shelf life even after opening the package.

2. Reduction In Manufacturing Cost.

This is the most important reason to choose the Customised Printed Stand-Up Pouch. The packaging can be chosen based on the needs of the customers. The cost of the packaging is more pocket friendly for the manufacturer. At the same time, customised printing is done with much ease.

One thing to understand here is that if a company is spending too much on its packaging, then the added cost of production will impact the final cost or the profit margin. However, stand up pouch bags reduce such costs to the companies.

3. The Stand-out Effect

A customised Printed Stand Up Pouch will specifically affect the customers in a retail store. When customers see several products, the first thing that attracts them is something which has an aesthetic appearance to suit their taste. It should also be able to fulfil their expectations. A stand up pouch bag is not just a pouch to store or carry your product, it is a brand value-increasing tool.

This packaging will also increase the visibility of the product and, in turn, raise your brand awareness. If you are producing multiple products with similar packaging, it will add to your brand expectation among the consumers.

This effect can occur in any type of consumer, but the effect is more among youngsters and children. Studies show that even infants can recognise certain types of packaging in a store before they demand those products.

4. Portability And Convenience To The Customers.

The stand up pouches occupy comparatively fewer spaces both in the consumer's hands and also in the store in which it is being sold. This packaging allows easy portability of the products. The flexible packaging Stand up Pouch helps store them for a longer duration. It can be carried easily when they go out or simply stored on the kitchen shelf or refrigerator.

Stand Up zipper pouches double this feature. It gives the user the option of sealing and resealing the product for future use. The product can retain the same freshness even after multiple uses. This is more suitable for snacking and other ready to eat food options.

5. Variety and functionality.

A stand up pouch can come with plenty of variety and modern changes. It can be used for any type of product, whether it is solid liquid or semisolid. It has multiple options in terms of transparency, and the materials used for them vary.

A flexible packaging Stand up Pouch can be made available in various shapes and sizes. Based on the production methods also, they can be modified according to the company's needs.

A Customised Printed Stand Up Pouch will help the producer and the customer with its user-friendly features. They are also available with facilities like V notch, Degassing Valve, Euro Hook, Side Round cut, With Window. The functionality of these pouches helps the customer to choose such products.

Why Is It Better Than Rigid Packaging?

A stand up pouch bag is preferred over rigid packaging because of the following feature- The rigid packaging materials like tins and cans are heavy and costly compared to the stand up pouch packaging.

The product and packaging damage is more common with rigid packaging, which is not usually seen in the stand up pouches.

Environmental impact is more in rigid packaging compared to flexible packaging.

Bottom Line

With all these aspects being discussed, it can be understood that stand up pouch packaging is the best method for your food products and to improve your brand value. To know more about this packaging and to understand its importance, reach us at Avonflex.(website link)


Q. What are pouches advantages?

The stand-up pouches are more flexible, occupy less space and are more accessible to the customers. They also increase the product's brand value and keep the product fresh for a longer duration. These products are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to rigid packaging.

Q. Why pouch packaging?

Stand up pouch packaging is more convenient and versatile for the users and the food industry companies. They enhance the product's longevity and retain freshness for a long time. They can also have flexible designs like zippers and spouts, which will help use the product for a long time.

Q. What material is used for pouch packaging?

A customised stand up pouch is made up of multiple layers of laminated plastic films. This can be customised based on the basis and characteristics of the products it stores.

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