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Packaging Faq's

What factors go into determining the safety of specific packing material?
By law, manufacturers must confirm that packaging materials are safe for their intended purpose before they may be sold.
Does the product in any way absorb any components from the packaging?
Our packaging has been methodically developed to prevent any of its constituents from being contaminated with the product in any way.
Are the materials used for packaging likewise suitable for use around young children and infants?
Absolutely, our packaging techniques are risk-free for individuals of each age group.
Who is accountable for ensuring that the material used in packaging is risk-free?
You may verify the numeric code on the bottom of the package to determine whether or not our packaging is secure.
Which quality criteria do you strive to meet in your work?
We never fail to take measures to guarantee that the quality of our goods is unrivalled. Even certificates to back up our claims are in our possession.
What benefits does my commodity get from the packaging?
The packaging serves the purpose of enclosing the product, which shields it from the environment, prevents it from being contaminated, and ensures that it is not damaged.

Delivery Faq's

How are the costs of shipping determined?
The delivery costs are additional to the unit rates depending upon the location, and the number of packages needed determines the total price.
When can I expect to get my order after production, and at what time?
We will do our best to deliver your packaging within 3 to 4 working days. Nevertheless, this highly depends on the specific place.
How exactly will my orders be delivered to me?
All of our items are well-labelled, Well-Packaged and well-secured in multiple ways. Please let us know if you have any particular requests, and we'll see if we can meet them.
If an order is large enough, may it be divided into several packages and sent to multiple locations at once?
Yes, we'd be pleased to do this. However, we'd require this information when pricing or processing the purchase.
Are you able to consolidate several orders into a single shipment?
Since we are committed to lowering our environmental impact, one of the steps we take to accomplish this goal is to consolidate as many shipments as possible before sending them out.
When can I expect to get the shipment notification for my order?
We provide our clients with a minimum of 24 and up to 48 hours notice before each one of our deliveries.

Design Faq's

Is it possible for you to reuse our designs after we've placed an order?
We will safely store the design imprinted cylinders of your packages which can be used for repeat orders.
Is it possible to just highlight a specific portion of the packaging rather than the whole layout?
Yes, we have the solution of registered matt coating which can be used to highlight any part of your bespoke package using the materials we provide.
Do you offer ordinary, simple designs?
We can make simple packaging in whatever size you want, customise it with your company's logo, or come up with an entirely new look!
Do you have samples of your unique designs?
We certainly do; for example, have a look at our blog or take a look at the website where we share our packaging ideas.
What are my possibilities in terms of design?
We start by discussing your product's features and how it will look on store shelves followed by a series of design approvals in the form of jpeg, print out and cylinder proof before moving onto the printing phase.
I need a size I can't find online. Can you help?
Yes! We ask that you get in touch with us so that we can better understand your needs and provide assistance.

General Faq's

How do I decide between simple and designed packaging?
There are several factors to consider when determining whether or not your product is a success. As a company, you'll need a package that looks attractive and sells itself on the store shelves.
What are the consequences of not packing something?
You cannot buy drinks or out-of-season produce. Food safety and hygienic issues would be a significant concern. There would be an increase in food waste, which would negatively influence the environment.
What are the advantages of packaging?
To save foodstuff and item wastage in the shop and while it is on display, as well as other resources. A third of grocery trash is reserved, thanks to the packaging.
Why are there so many different types of packaging?
You may like the convenience of a bag more than a box for your product. There is a wide variety of shapes and dimensions available for packaging materials.
Will you be expanding your product line in the future?
We've been steadily increasing our selection. Email us if you don't see what you're looking for; we may be able to locate it for you.
Must I buy my packages online, or is there another way?
If you would instead not make your purchase via our site, you may do so by sending us an email or giving us a call instead.

FAQs About Samples

I am unsure if the packaging is of the appropriate size or quality for the items that I sell. May I get a sample of it?
Yes, you indeed may. If you fill out our online form, we will send you a single example of each product you want.
When can I expect to get my samples, and how long will it take?
We will send your samples out as soon as possible using a first-class delivery service, so as a general rule, please expect your samples to arrive within three to four working days.
Should I expect to be charged for my samples?
We will gladly provide you with one or two samples of each product free of charge; however, if you need more than this, you may be subject to a small fee.
Can I purchase a package, test it out with my items, and then return the opened package if it is not suitable?
Because of concerns about the food quality, we ask that you take advantage of the free trial option described earlier.
What kinds of samples are available from your company?
We provide a wide variety of samples to choose from. We ask that you get in contact with us so that we may provide more information about the sampling method.
When I order my first sample, what should I expect to happen?
First, we will complete the inception procedure and begin processing your first sample order.

Service FAQs

What is the quotation time?
We attempt to provide quotations within 24 to 48 hours after receiving all appropriate packaging required information. Custom designs, on the other hand, may need additional time.
What is the minimum quantity I can order?
We should be able to provide you with the best possible MOQ according to your requirements. Our MOQ starts with 300 kg for the custom printed pouches or rolls and 1000 pieces for ready stock pouches.
I would want my packaging to be unique; is that possible?
Yes, without a doubt! Send an email with your company logo, personal branding, required specifications, and the order count to so we can provide you with an estimate.
Will there be an order confirmation sent to me?
Absolutely, we will give you a receipt for your purchase and an email verifying that we have received your order.
How long until I can expect to get my purchase once I have placed my order?
Following the placement of your order, we will work diligently to deliver your bespoke pouches or roll within four weeks.
If I were to place frequent bulk orders, would it qualify me for price breaks?
Yes, if you are interested in learning more about our customised pricing options, please get in touch with us.

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