How to choose the right food packaging

Food industrial companies have much confusion when it comes to choosing the right packaging. This blog will help you solve your doubts and secure a safe packaging solution for your food products.

There is a saying, never judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to food products, the packaging determines all. It determines the customer's opinion on the product, their perception, and the utility of the product. It is a known fact that not only a good packaging will enhance the sales and growth of your product consumption, but bad packaging may become detrimental to the product. When it comes to food packaging, companies usually confuse the differential availability of the packaging and what would benefit their product quality.

This blog will help you determine a good food packaging device and how to use it to the advantage of your product. This will also deal with the factors to consider when choosing to package your food product.

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Methods available for food packaging

With a multi-fold increase in snacking and ready-made food consumption, a huge variety is available in the food packaging field. A good food packaging material is not just the outer cover; it must also be an enhancer of the product and the brand value. Rigid packaging has been in the market for quite some time in food product packaging. Owing to the nature of the packaging material, its weight and the wastages caused. Many food-producing companies are moving toward Food Packaging Pouches.

Stand Up Pouches for Food Packaging are creating a revolution in food packaging. Before, these types of packaging were preferred only for coffee, tea etc. today, with better technologies and multiplicity of layers, they have also entered the arena of ready-to-cook food products. Any food product can be packed with these Pouches for Food Packaging, and it can be of any texture or quality. It tends to retain the quality of the food stored and is also easy to use. The customisations like spouts and zippers will come in handy for sealing and resealing the products.

Packaging material Is Used for food products.

Packaging material has to be sturdy and can prevent the external environment from reacting with the food inside the packaging. The material should also be low weight and easy to open and carry. Most importantly, the material should not increase the added-up cost of the product. If the packaging material used is very costly, it may impact the profit or the cost of the final product sold.

Traditional rigid packages use cans and tins in the process. The materials commonly used here are metals like tin and steel and lightweight aluminium. Glasses and plastic are commonly used in transparent packaging. The modern-day Pouches for Food Packaging use materials like plastic High Barrier films and High strength films etc.; the nature of the food store determines the number of layers.

Factors to consider when choosing food packaging

As there is a wide variety in the availability of food packaging products today in the industry, it is seen that the packaging method can be selected based on some of the important factors given below.

1.Shelf life and freshness of the product

Any food product packed to be used for a longer duration should be kept with all its characteristics intact. This includes the colour, texture, aroma of the products etc. To retain all these characteristics, the packaging material should provide a sterile environment to protect the products. With this factor in mind, both the rigid and the Pouches for Food, Packaging provides almost the same benefits. However, proper resealing is possible only with Pouches for Food Packaging. This ensures the product's shelf life is protected even after being used once.

2.Cost factor

All businesses begin and end with the finances. The cost factor is the major dimension to think about before the packaging. Though there is a need to provide good packaging for the product, it should be noted that it must not add to the final cost of the given product. The cost also includes the logistics and movement of the goods and the space occupied in the retail store. The rigid packaging is usually costlier than the Pouches for Food Packaging in all these aspects.

Since they have a rigid structure, they are costly, and their movement is very difficult at the same time when they are put in the retail store. Also, they take up more space which becomes costlier for the industry to market. The Food Packaging Pouches are of comparatively lower costs in all these aspects. This becomes possible as they use less dense materials and flexible packaging patterns.

3.Ability to customise

As discussed before, food packaging is not about storing and selling food. It also has an impact on adding brand value to your product. A stand Up Custom Food Packaging Bag will offer customisation like spouts and zippers for reuse. Other customisation methods include V notch, Degassing Valve, Euro Hook, Side Round cut, With Window etc. This is not available with rigid packaging.

4.Design and branding

The most important factor to consider in the packaging. The packaging improves your brand awareness and access of the brand to remote areas. Stand Up Custom Food Packaging Bag will help make your packaging a stand-out element of your brand. When customers come across your product, they will pick it out for its distinct packaging options.

Frozen food packaging trends

Frozen foods are previously packed only in tins and containers. Today there is an alternate option for these food products. But today, the packaging is even available in the form of Food Packaging Pouches as well. This is because of the multiple layering and customisations available today in the center sealed pouches for Food Packaging.

The bottom line in today's scenario is that in terms of packaging availability, cost, and brand value, the Food Packaging Pouches are more advantageous than the others. To know more about food packaging products and methods, contact us at Avonflex.


What packaging material is best for biscuits?

A Food Packaging Pouch is the best option to pack and store biscuits because of the flexible nature of the packaging. It is easy to carry and easy to use and reseal. While the rigid packaging in the form of tins and containers will not be user-friendly.

How do you package biscuits?

The biscuits must be packed in a proper sterile packaging material that is also lightweight. The packaging should be done after stacking the biscuits to prevent breakage. The Pouches for Food Packaging offer the best-accepted method among many companies.

What is the safest food packaging?

A Stand Up Pouch for Food Packaging is the safest method available today in terms of food packaging. It protects the food not only before opening the food product, but resealing options are available even after opening it. The containers of the rigid packaging also offer the same benefit sometimes but not to the level of food pouches.

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